A short testimony from my weekend. Thank you so much for the weekend and for what you did. It may not seem like much but the timing was everything. It has been great being able to have someone to talk to and trust. I really want to get my life right with God and get closer to him so thanks for taking the time to be there.


Going to Christian camps such as these has never been my thing.

Arriving on Friday I had my walls up so high I battled to get through them myself. After the first session on Friday evening all I wanted to do was leave (and I did try)

With all my walls and defences up I walked into the hall on Saturday, praise and worship already going and and I stood there watching everyone worship, I felt a sense of discomfort and shame and wondered how God could love me after everything I had done and how many times I had turned and walked away from him. As I listened to Annemarie talk about walking in righteousness my head filled with questions. What happened over the next hour is something will never forget….. Gerda walked over to ‘the stubborn bunch’ as we were called and as she made me stand I felt tear pour down my face, a lump in my throat and a feeling I could never explain.

The realisation the I had not dealt with my past has never felt more real to me.

After what I think was the longest Saturday of my life, I started to make sense of what God can do. If God can heal and comfort me there is nothing I want more than to walk and live with him. I am a long way from where I want to be, but had it not been for Word in action and the amazing work they do I would not be on the road I am now.

It is by no means an easy road but I know understand more than ever before the meaning of ‘if God is for us then who can be against us’