Christian Evangelical weekend breakaways in KZN

To expose people to the message of Liberty and Righteousness through means of weekend camps. To bring people into a close relationship with the living God. To bring the Word of God into action into people’s lives. To send people to be true witness bearers of the God, planted to be as trees of righteousness.
(Isa 61:3)

God is so faithful

God is Faithull – this is a video testimony worth watching!
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The Lord works in mysterious ways

Wow what a year! 2016 you treated us well. The Lord works in mysterious ways, doing the unexpected in the lives of those never expected.
Over the last 10 years at WIA, I have seen peoples lives transform and miracles happen people being set free from the lies of the enemy.
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If God is for us then who can be against us

A short testimony from my weekend. Thank you so much for the weekend and for what you did. It may not seem like much but the timing was everything. It has been great being able to have someone to talk to and trust. I really want to get my life right with God and get closer to him so thanks for taking the time to be there.
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