Wow what a year! 2016 you treated us well. The Lord works in mysterious ways, doing the unexpected in the lives of those never expected.
Over the last 10 years at WIA, I have seen peoples lives transform and miracles happen people being set free from the lies of the enemy.

People arriving on a Friday looking dark and un-content with their lives.

To walk out on a Sunday shinning with God’s Glory.

And off cause there are those who arrive on a Friday NOT wanting to attend such a weekend, they were either dragged or forced by a friend or just keeping someone else happy. It is especially those people who gets blessed more than any one else.

I have been inviting a friend for a couple of years for her to always have an excuse, well last year she decided to join one of the ladies camps and was transformed. I have never seen anyone shinning like she does today. Excited to inform us she will never ever miss a camp again. The second camp she brought five other ladies with her what a “stubborn crowd”.

With excitement I can say that the Lord once again did not fail to do what He thought best. This “crowd” went home with changed hearts and minds shinning like stars, Jesus stars. Transformed, Peaceful, Glowing with His Glory.

It’s in the trusting of our Lord Jesus Christ that this transformation is possible all the Glory and honor to the King of Kings, no man has this kind of ability, its through Him and Him alone to transform people lives. Sela